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comm hiatus

Hey folks,

between work being busier than ever, laptop trouble and the holidays coming up I am neglecting the comms more and more, so I'm putting dailyeddie and dailymary on hiatus until January. Happy holidays everyone and see u all in the new year *group hug*

DAY 1181

Good morning everyone! I'll be taking over for the next few days for our lovely mod, sczep84.

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I'm totally abusing my modly powers to gain points in a challenge. Shame on me but u still have to endure the spammage (extra apologies for those of u who are in all my comms AND on my friends list, lol; please stay my friends, lol)

A new round over at twelvecolonies  has started and u should totally check it out. twelvecolonies is a Battlestar Galactica landcomm. There are challenges for graphics, fanfiction, vidding, whatever tickles ur fancy, and u compete in different teams against the other peeps in the comm. U can choose between Team Colonial One for Madame Prez (were there other Presidents? I don't think so :p), Team Galactica for the Admiral and his brave viper pilots and Team Basestar for the Cylons.

Come and join the fun!

twelvecolonies  twelvecolonies  twelvecolonies 


Then there also is a Castle landcomm called castleland . The new round just started.
If you like graphics of all kinds, writing fanfiction, vidding, playing games, and most importantly the tv show Castle, then u should definitely join this comm :) U can choose between Team Castle, Team Beckett, Team Ryan and Team Esposito. Come and join the fun!

castleland  castleland  castleland 

P.S. And if u apply for a team in either comm, tell them I sent u *g*


Pimping a new comm

I know, I know, another 20in20, lol. But I actually like the premise of this comm cause this round they're doing 'Actresses', next round something entirely else and so on. So anyway, I'm unsure whether or not to participate in round 01 because I'm already doing a hell of a lot of 20in20s, lol, but I thought I'd pimp it here in the hopes that 1 or 2 of u want to sign up (and maybe there will be more claims for *coughs* older actresses for once and not all these teenies I've never heard of :p). 


welcome, mod!post and a poll

Heya all *waves* Welcome to dailymary  I've spent the afternoon pimping the layout and the profile page. I am not very good with photoshop thingies but we have a header, a layout and a customized profile now. If anyone feels very creative and wants to do another header, feel free to do so ;)
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